Frequently Asked Questions


Not sure what you need? That is why you need me. I know what to do and how to do it. Together we can make a long game strategy to take you online presence from “meh” to Profitable!

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I don’t have a big website, do I really need one?

Consider this. The world is getting smaller and your competition is getting bigger. Are you ready for the online needs of your Northern Michigan company today? How about next year? 5 years from now? If not you will lose out. Last year “near me” searches were 30% of online searches and it will only increase. Without an active and robust website Google, Bing, and Yahoo will cut you out of the action for voice activated and geographic search.

I am seasonal. Will a year round presence matter?

YES! Your customers might be taking a break but your SEO isn’t. During your slower season your online presence needs to be cranking like nothing has changed. SEO doesn’t care that your customers are in Florida or California all winter. They only care what YOU are doing for YOUR BUSINESS, period. Keeping your site and media fresh regularly is paramount.

Wow, Vlogging is pricey!

Vlogging is unfortunately a device heavy activity. Not only is the hardware expensive but so too is the software. In a few years these prices will decrease but by then your business will be behind. Your vlogs, don’t need to be long or expensive to work. The trick is to load the backside with Meta-Tags, key words, and geographically specific information. Again, SEO “reads” so this type of search result is going to become the norm more and more often. A lead here in the market place now is a lead your competition will be kicking themselves in the behind for in 3 years.