Voice Activated Search. IT MATTERS!

Did you know that Voice Search was over 40% of the searches on Google last year? It is predicted to be over 50% by 2020. Is your site ready for voice search? This year alone 22% of voice search was done on smart speakers without a screen. Think about that NO SCREEN.

Does your website rely heavily on photos? Do you have an effective business listing that can be searched organically by voice. How about “near me” searches or “what’s the most popular___” Is your social media verified?

Have I peppered you with enough questions yet :) My point is you need to think beyond traditional SEO and prepare for the future now. Because, as cheesy as it sounds the future is now. Your customers are already using this search type. You are probably using it too.

When you are ready to hire a web company that is prepared for what is now and what is next year. It takes months to build strategies for new technologies that our customers are using. Are you ready?