Content Is Still King

Thinking like a site crawler yet? You should be.

A site crawler is a computer program that sifts through the internet making sense of what sites exist, what those sites are about, and where to find them. There is one very important thing you need to know about crawlers if you remember nothing else… they don’t have eyes. What? You thought that all of your photos were helping you in your search rankings? Not really.

A crawler only READS! It doesn’t “see” video or images. It only understands text. This is why your blog and text content are the number one thing you can make better to easily improve your search rankings. If you are a Vlogger this means that the description for you video is important and so is overlaying subtitles on your videos. Otherwise, the crawler pretty much ignores your hard work. If you are a photographer you need to caption each photo, change the jpg title to a keyword, metatag if you can and on each gallery page write an article at the bottom of the screen. Your customers will see your portfolio or gallery and the crawler will see your article. It’s a win win.