You Don't Have Time For SEO!

You are a Northern Michigan business owner. You have employees, customers, deadlines, supply chain issues… the list goes on (did I mention you are supposed to have down time as well?). Do you honestly have time to handle your SEO too? Do you have the time or desire to create an online vision and use the platforms available effectively? I am pretty sure if you are reading this blog you are looking for help navigating and handling this very important part of business.

Are you ready to increase your sales leads, present a more professional appearance, offer your customers and customers to be a portal and touchstone to your business with a robust online vision. I am here for you. I am here to help you create a compelling picture for your current and future customers in Northern Michigan.

Things You Need To Be Doing Now

  • Optimize for Mobile Search

  • Optimize for Voice Activated Search

  • Convert All JPG to PNG

  • Backlink

  • Blog

  • Vlog

If you work in a competitive field you can’t afford to not be online anymore. You can’t afford to be behind on this or your competition will bury you online. National SEO companies have no idea what you business does, what your clientele demographics are, what your seasonal ebbs and flows are. I do. I am a business owner just like you. When you are ready to have a committed partner in your corner online call me.