Chances Are Your Business Isn't Optimized For AMP!

Is your website AMP compatible? If you don’t know what AMP is then chances are good your site isn’t ready. You might be thinking “Why does that matter? My site is good enough.” Here’s why: Google is switching over to exclusive AMP Crawling and Indexing. That means that if your site isn’t ready you will stop being “noticed” by search engines. Your site will begin to fall in placement on the page and soon you will nearly disappear from most search engines.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Mobile means anything that isn’t a desktop or laptop ie cell phones and tablets. If your site isn’t lean, mean, and AMP then you are in trouble in the coming year. Google rolled out AMP Crawling exclusivity in June as a BETA but now they are in full swing and you need to be ready.

A few things to do to create AMP

  • Run all photos through tiny png to decrease gb size

  • Use clean interfaces on your website

  • No auto playing videos

  • Mobile info bars should be present

And as always BLOG, VLOG, PIN!

Kristen Austin