Top 3 Things to Reach Your Customers

Your Northern Michigan Branding Starts Online

For most customers their first interaction with you is online. They are looking for a map or a website. Do you have enough touchstones online for your customers to easily find you and be impressed enough to then contact you or enter a purchase with you? There are some really easy ways to market your Northern Michigan business that are cheap and effective.

Top 3 Ways to Simply Market Yourself

  1. Create a Google Business Listing. Have it verified.

  2. Have a website. Even a simple one with your contact information and business address listed.

  3. Post to your Google Business Listing.

If you can implement the above 3 things you will be on your way to being more easily found and contacted by your customers. If you can only do 2 things then choose the first and third options. They are the easiest and cheapest options. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a lot of traction on the internet. If you are willing to put in the work it will pay off.