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Website Services, SEO Services, Social Media Services, Branding

When I began to build websites and deconstruct what was wrong with all the companies I had hired to do this for my businesses I realized something… their solutions were terrible. So I thought for a while, read a few text books, researched for a few years and found my own.

My web services solutions although elegant and simple aren’t new, what separates me from my competitors is that I love solving problems. I am able to see the cracks and gaps in the services available, and put in the work. My websites are creative and effective not because I know something NEW, it’s because I take the time to investigate and solve web issues with dogged attention to detail. I care about our communities and the businesses that make it thrive and that’s why I should be who you call when you are ready to take your online presence in Northern Michigan seriously.

I am local, educated, invested in my communities, and the success of my clients. Your success is important to me and you won’t find a more research based and committed web services company in Northern Michigan.

Be Better

Our Services

  • Website Design

  • SEO

  • Blogging

  • Indexing across platforms

  • Social Media

  • Vlogging


  • $75 an hour for website build

  • $50 an hour for blogging

  • $10 per social media post

  • $350 a year to host (includes 1 g-suite email)

  • $100 an hour for tutorials

  • $125 an hour for SEO

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Want to understand what is happening on your website? Want to change anything or add to your vision? No problem. Let me know and within 48 hours most changes can be handled. I also blog about what I am doing to build the best websites for our resort areas as possible. Read up to know what I am doing on the backside.

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